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Jeff Jackson

Jeff was born and raised in Northeast Oklahoma, a proud Native American. He attended college in Clarksville, Arkansas at the University of the Ozarks. After four years and obtaining his degree, Jeff moved back to Oklahoma to begin his career in the financial services industry. During his career, Jeff opened an Edward Jones office as well as worked in both a community bank and a publicly traded bank; all of which he worked as a financial representative helping individuals, businesses, non-profits, and tribes reach their investment objectives. The experiences all form a model of service that wasn’t the mold for the corporate world; therefore, leading to the formation of Live It Wealth Management.

On the personal side, Jeff is a proud father of three children: Tripp, Tori, and Aidan. Jeff is also a husband to his beautiful wife, Candice. Jeff and Candice train together; whether it is for their running, swimming, biking, or even corn hole, ha! Jeff enjoys spending time with his family whether it be on a beach, skiing down a mountain, at the pool, or family game night at the dining room table. One of Jeff’s favorite hobbies is playing golf. Albeit he doesn’t have the lowest handicap but getting to play with family and friends makes it an enjoyable pastime.